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If you create, design or sell websites to your clients, our Web Funnel Design is for you. It has been designed to generate leads for you on autopilot, all you need to do is add traffic.

The professionally designed marketing funnel will help to educate your leads, display your expertise and encourage them to take action by booking a call or making a deal with you.

What is Funnel Marketing?

A sales funnel is a process or system that automates and simplifies the sales journey. In general terms, we can refer to the journey that a person takes from being a non-customer to our customer as the conversion funnel.

The acronym AIDA helps us remember these stages, and it’s borrowed from the marketing industry.

Customer behavior differs widely across all these stages. Someone who has just learned about your product (awareness), for example, will behave differently when compared to someone who already wants to buy your product (action).

The goal of content strategy is to quickly and effectively drive the customers from awareness to interest to desire to action by providing the right content for each stage.

Why set up a marketing funnel?

Setting up a marketing funnel gives your business the ability to generate leads consistently, filling your pipeline with new opportunities. 

You can inform, educate and validate your new leads… ensuring that you get the opportunity to work with the best clients, who need your help.

And the best thing? Marketing funnels are automated. The whole process from a lead signing up, to reaching out to you for assistance, is running quietly in the background.

Lead generation really doesn’t need to be an afterthought for your business or a stressful moment when you’re wondering how you’re going to find your next project. Step out of the feast / famine cycle, and into your new world of a predictable pipeline of leads.

Funnel Packs are for you, if you…

Own a digital agency and want to generate new leads

Struggling with the feast or famine cycle

Panic at the end of a project & unsure of the next lead

Don't have time to create a marketing funnel from scratch

Want to start your marketing using a proven system to generate new leads

Would like to spend more time with your friends and family

Are ready to get off the sales rollercoaster

Love marketing funnels
as much as we do

Want an exact estimate for your Web Funnel Design?

Send us the details of your project and 

we’ll have your estimate ready shortly!

What we can do for you?

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#1 Lead Magnet

Each Funnel Pack includes an editable lead magnet, designed to pique the interest of your clients. They’re short enough to be easy to consume and provide great information that positions your digital agency as an expert.

Asset 24

#2 Landing Page

Our Landing Pages are built using WordPress Elementor. You can drop these straight into your website and make any style changes that you need. Our Landing Pages are fully editable so can be easily customized to suit your brand.

Asset 23

#3 Thank You Page

Thank You pages are an important part of the sales funnel. We include a fully editable Thank You page for each Funnel that is built with WordPress Elementor. You can easily make changes to align them with your brand.

Asset 22

#4 Welcome Email

The Welcome Email is the first email that a potential client will receive after they’ve requested a copy of your lead magnet. The email is supplied in text format, ready for you to edit and drop into your favourite email marketing software.

Asset 21

#5 Sales Emails

We will include at least one Sales Email / Consultation Request Email. These emails are sent at the end of the nurturing sequence and are designed to encourage your prospect to take action. Sales Emails are provided in text format and are easy to edit.

Asset 20

#6 Overview & Implementation Videos

The Overview Video will show an overview about your business. An Implementation Video which shows one or more examples of how you can set up your new funnel on your website.

We Believe in Helping Business Grow by
Delivering Profitable Digital Marketing with
Four Unique Pillars of Service :

Proven data-driven

With transparent
service & reporting

Tied to client
growth KPIs

A responsive team
that really care

How We Do The Magic

Simplicity is the key for us and that is why our customers choose us over others when it comes to placing an order with us. Easy 4-steps ordering process makes it super convenient for you to get your desired project completed without any hassels.

1. Place Order

Speak with one of our experts to discuss your project in detail and guide you with a pricing plan that best suits your design needs.

2. Share Details

Fill the creative brief to let us know about your design specifics that will cover all the technical & aesthetic needs of the project.

3. Project Delivered

All designs go through a quality check & delivered for your feedback. Any revision is catered based on your comments.

4. Maintenance

Website maintenance services is a great solution and highly customizable so you have more time to focus on your business. 

We do all the hard work for you using proven best practices and experienced writers in our sales copywriting and design process. We develop and implement high performing growth marketing strategies and marketing funnel for our SME and brand owners in Malaysia. 

From building a highly interactive sales funnel, driving relevant traffic to nurture the best prospects and converting them, our sales funnel experts ensure maximum sales for our client.

By building marketing campaigns around sales funnel, our client clients in Malaysia can understand better for their business audience’s engagement and ROI immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the website material is ready, we generally deliver a marketing funnel web design in 14 working days.

No, this is a research and strategic planning deliverable which will give you a highly actionable plan for rolling out an effective sales funnel for your business. Everything from messaging, offers, landing pages, ad campaigns, email campaigns, sales pages, and technology requirements will be detailed to discuss,but we are ready for you to build.

Within 14 business days you will have a clear-cut plan for business growth using your new sales funnel. Then, it’s over to implementation, which can vary based on the assets which are required to be built.

New startups without funding, e-commerce businesses that sell small price point items to name a couple.

Yes we can work with existing partners to develop your sales funnel strategy. We have however found that it generally works best when one party is responsible end-to-end for your strategy execution.

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