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Processing IoT Data with W TECH

Whether Industry Revolution 4.0 vision is a hype or not, the digitization wave of manufacturing and agriculture processes is here. Many existing businesses are struggling with the digitization wave. Businesses understand that change is eminent but the idea of connecting things are exciting and yet the expected ROIs are not known; making investment decision very difficult.

In addition to that, connecting things involves setting up :

IoT Gateway
Gather data in private or public cloud
IoT Gateway
Gather data in private or public cloud

On the software side, the cloud must be built with capabilities to take care of :

Deployment of new sensors
Data visualization
Smart alert
Data analytic

As the volume and velocity of data increases, the use of artificial intelligence become a necessity. The challenge of building a proprietary connected things solution become a very risky investment to many business without technical know-how.

Benefits of IoT


Productivity Improvement

IoT allows the monitoring, monitoring and control of the different processes, which optimises the different operations that increase productivity and efficiency.


Predictive Analysis

IoT’s technologies make it possible to examine recurring patterns and contribute to predictive analysis after collect the date, which can be used mainly in maintenance. This precise information will be used to improve existing processes and services.


Rapid Response

The data makes it possible to monitor the systems in place in real time and even remotely. They facilitate the optimization of maintenance interventions, but also give the company a strategic advantage in monitoring market developments.



Rapid Response

IoT which are integrated with sensors can help in monitoring a workplace and ensure that the tools and machinery are safe and away from any physical threat. It will automatically transfers data and provides a multi-layer security feature to protect the data.


IoT Services

Process Automation

As we deploy on Alibaba Cloud which adopts more stringent O&M standards, server access standards, and IDC standards. We ensure data reliability and high availability of the cloud computing infrastructure and ECS.

Advanced Telemetry & Remote Monitoring System

We are certified as Alibaba International cloud-computing engineers. We establish a strong foundation in designing and implementing solutions for cloud-computing and implementing solutions for cloud data platforms.

Industrial IoT 4.0

Elasticity is a key benefit of cloud computing. We provide elastic computing, storage, networking, and business architecture planning. We will suggest you a plan for your businesses as needed.

Mobile Alert Response System

By allocating with Alibaba Cloud ECS. It offers an industry-leading SLA. Its provide commitment of 99.975% availability for individual instances and a commitment of 99.995% availability for multiple zones within the same region.

How It Works?

Business Evaluation & Site Analysis

We will determine what your current strengths and weaknesses are before developing and implementing a new SEM strategy. We will do research about your audience and understand their needs and interests. We’ll be able to attract them with marketing that means something to them and reach your business goal at the same time.

SEM Keyword Development & Goals

Without a solid keywords list, your SEM strategies are doomed. We will keep your audience interests in mind, as well as your own business. Great keywords are found in the common areas between these two. We will think about how your prospects search and the terms they might use. We will discover valuable terms that can drive traffic to your website. Regardless of your budget or goal, look for keywords that have:

  • Higher conversion rates.
  • Higher clickthrough rate (CTR) as it indicates greater ad relevance.
  • A strong correlation between CTR and conversion rates.

Other than keywords, we will check through your website and suggest it needs to be optimized which will convince people to convert or send them running for the exit. Conduct a thorough analysis to determine if your web pages need reworking to be compatible with SEM listings. If your website is not SEM friendly,we will help you to fix it to offer a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Launch SEM Campaign

After we clearly define your business goals and we align the keywords by our keywords research with understanding who your target customers are, compile and analyze data about existing customers. It’s the time to upload the listing by:

  • Establish categories of keywords for all search engines.
  • Test the URLs for each keyword to ensure they point to the correct landing pages.
  • Review the copy to ensure that there are no errors and that each copy corresponds to its respective search listing.
  • Launch the campaign and be ready to watch the key metrics and prepare to analyze the results.
Post-launch optimization of SEM campaigns

A proactive, disciplined attitude to testing and monitoring is at the heart of any successful SEM campaign. After launching, we will keep a close watch on your keywords to see which terms deliver the results that are desired.  We identify the keywords analysis, and we adjust the bids accordingly. We will always track the keywords conversions over time to avoid you losing your potential conversions. 

Measure and Optimize the right metric

We will keep reviewing your data holistically, evaluating each digital touchpoint in relation to the big picture. We can measure the ROI of every tactic, and assess it in comparison to the average ROI on other campaigns across the Google network. We will keep your goals in mind when we optimize the campaign. By understanding the relation of key metrics to your business objectives, we can make changes to the right areas.

IoT Develop Phase

It is a framework that defines the steps involved in the software development.

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alt="Software Development Life Cycle Step Two"
alt="Software Development Life Cycle Step Three"
alt="Software Development Life Cycle Step Four"
alt="Software Development Life Cycle Step Five"
alt="Software Development Life Cycle Step Six"

Want to know more about SDLC?


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One-Stop Solution

  • Consultancy (end-to-end IoT solution design)
  • Hardware sensors integration (industrial sensors)
  • Software development (from Rich Internet to Mobile Application)

We are here to help businesses to step up the competition in the era of 5G communication.

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