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Embrace IR 4.0 with Alibaba Cloud Technology

Embrace IR 4.0 with Alibaba Cloud Technology

This virtual event is held to discover more about real-world benefits of Cloud technology from Alibaba Cloud’s IT experts & partners.

We are proud to announce that our CTO, Matthew Chin had the opportunity to present his overview on “Machine to Cloud – Deep Dive into Digital Transformation” ranging from System Development, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Blockchain Solutions, and Cloud Solutions.

His topic covered from how to move your machine to cloud and briefly explained what solutions that our company provides. Besides, Matthew also shared his experience on his completed projects and how the transformation process works. Next, asset & operation tracking was being discussed, where user can setup alert rule to track the uncommon data such as system down.

Finally, he discussed ways to start implementing IIoT on the production line where they had develop a universal sensor and gateway which can easily be installed on machine without modifying existing machine operation process.

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