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First Fruit Wellness Center

First Fruit Wellness Center expands to Three Locations through Social Media Engagement.

Converting followers to lead is one of the major challenges of any marketing campaign. Yet this wellness centre had a unique and personal take on social media marketing. By engaging with followers one-on-one, First Fruit Wellness Center developed close relationships with potential customers online. Social media campaigns don’t have to feel impersonal though they often do.

Wellness centres have a unique marketing challenge: they need to show their clientele that there is a need for them. Wellness centres need to be able to reach out to those who are interested in improving their health and show the value of their services before customers walk in the door.

Most social media campaigns are primarily based around the idea of brand awareness: making it known that your business is open and available. But First Fruit Wellness Center went a step further by actively engaging their followers asking them questions about their health and their goals and encouraging them one-on-one to come into the centre and see what it could do for them.

For larger enterprises, this type of constant one-on-one interaction might seem taxing. But for a brick-and-mortar wellness center, these personalized interactions ultimately led to leads.

Key aspects of their marketing strategy included the following:

Building Out Their Content Marketing
It was through content marketing that the First Fruit Wellness Center was able to initially build an audience. Engagement campaigns cannot work without followers already available. Posting interesting content, sharing curated content, and interacting with similar brands were the first step towards building First Fruit Wellness Center’s social media campaigns.

Connecting Directly with Followers
When followers connected with First Fruit Wellness Center, the marketing team began to interact with them immediately — asking them questions about their interests and their goals. This type of personal interaction is extraordinarily rare on social media today and served the purpose of not only establishing relationships with customers, but also showing them that this company was different.

Getting the Followers to Come In
Ultimately, to get leads the marketing team needed to get people in the door. Once relationships were sufficiently established, the marketing team of First Fruit Wellness Center encouraged potential customers to come in to find out more about the center and what it could offer to them. By bringing in leads in this fashion, nearly all of the nurturing was done through the online platform.

Despite the time commitment, these strategies are scalable. Many large brands most famously Wendy’s have extremely active social media accounts, through which they interact with customers and respond to customers regularly. Unique to First Fruit Wellness Center, however, is the type of ongoing interactions, relationship building, and lead generation that the marketing team engaged in.


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