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1. FIRST STEP  〈 RESEARCH〉   It is very important that the start up is based on an actual idea that can inspire people. Social projects with a certain degree of revolutionary is the best option. To collect the first user opinions, use the bitcoin-forum BitconTalk, section Alternative currencies.  ⌈Our Solution⌋ We provide market analysis, competition research, product positioning, ...
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Array Methods

Array Methods .forEach   Foreach takes a callback function and run that callback function on each element of array one by one. If you’re not familiar with the array method .forEach(), whenever you go to iterate over an array you probably immediately think of a for loop. .filter The main difference between forEach and filter is that ...
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WHAT IS CSS? (Cascading Style Sheet) (visual and aural) layout, for a variety of devices Language for describing the presentation of Webpage (colors, layout, fonts, borders, sizes, text / element alignment, background styles) and others can be describe within HTML. Display in different types of devices [screen size: large screen, small screen] or   [viewing device: mobile, desktop, ...